Taking A Positive Approach To An Older Demographic... Using Blue Zones & Evergreen Lenses


This talk will focus on the positive and welcome aspects of the population changes which are happening in most Western and indeed many other countries. Demographic change with longer lives represents an opportunity

Longevity brings a potential which the presenter feels has not been fully appreciated. The talk will look at the changes which are coming about as a result of demographic change including such aspects as the contribution which is offered though greater economic and civic engagement. The talk will explore aspects of this such as:

  • The greater engagement in work post state retirement age
  • The lessons from Blue Zones approaches
  • The factors which enable an increase in “healthy life expectancy’
  • Differences in the attitude to an older demographic - what Andrew Scott ( London Business School) has described as the ‘evergreen’ life.


Professor Alex Murdock is Professor Emeritus at London South Bank University. He is a Social Business and Third Sector researcher with extensive professional knowledge and governance experience. He has some 25 years teaching and research experience gained from associations with Universities in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. He also has successful Board level and organizational development and leadership experience and was previously a professional and senior manager in the public sector.

Alex has authored /co-authored 6 books and numerous other publications.

His research interests are cross sector collaboration and partnership, Citizen engagement and ‘co’ agendas (co-production etc), Social Impact measurement, Food insecurity and social innovation and Issues of an Ageing Demographic.