Unlocking Neurodiversity in Insurance & Investment


Discover insights on neurodiversity in the insurance and investment sector in our webinar, "Unlocking Neurodiversity in Insurance & Investment." We'll delve into talent needs, gaps, and the impact of mental health, including findings from the VEQ survey, GAIN’s member survey, and public benchmark report. Hear a personal reflection of the challenges and successes, as we uncover how psychological safety affects workplace inclusion, and learn practical steps to foster an environment where everyone can thrive.


Laurie Edmans CBE has spent a lifetime in pensions, investment and related areas of financial services. Currently, he is a director and founder of GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity) an initiative to improve radically the employment prospects of neurodiverse people in insurance, investment and related financial services, now supported by more than 30 businesses in the sector; a Commissioner of the Financial Inclusion Commission; has been a trustee of the Quest School for autistic children for 20 years, is a member of the ‘Employ Autism’ Development Board established by Ambitious About Autism, and on the advisory board of Fairer Finance, a consumer ratings and research agency. A long career in executive roles, ranging from filing clerk to marketing director and deputy chief executive in insurance and investment businesses, both UK and international, has been followed by nearly 20 years as a ‘portfolio’ worker, with non executive, and similar roles, including roles in pensions regulation, Government bodies, charities and in commercial businesses from start ups to long established insurance companies. Inter alia, he was a founder director of NEST, of the Pensions Regulator and of the Money Advice Service, chaired Marine and General Mutual Assurance and the ABI's pensions and savings committee. He was the founder chair of Funding Circle, the peer to peer lender. He established and chaired the Zurich UK Independent Governance Committee and chaired the trustees of the Reach PLC (Mirror and Express newspapers) Defined Contribution pension scheme for 8 years. He is a fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and of the Pensions Management Institute and was appointed CBE for services to pensions reform in 2006.

Vic Mazonas Vic Mazonas (They/Them) is an autistic queer person with C-PTSD, who occasionally experiences non-verbal episodes. They currently work as general manager of GAIN, a CIC dedicated to creating a haven for neurodivergent people in the insurance, investment and related financial industries. Vic is a strong believer that the right supports can allow neurodivergent individuals to not only thrive in their role, but can empower people to grow beyond what they thought possible. In their free time they are a regularly-exhibiting artist, and at work are a sought-after public speaker, both achievements they never would have believed possible even five years ago. Vic did not know they were autistic until after age 30. It was around this same time that the insurance industry gave them their first opportunity to work in an environment where their differences were accepted, embraced and given space and support, in large thanks to a great line manager and a great team culture. Vic knows how transformative the right team and line manager can be. And how crucial it is to have access to a community of peers, being fortunate to finally now have the privilege of a life filled with neurodivergent, queer people from all works of life. They now seek to help ensure other neurodivergent people can enjoy the same fortune they have.