Like A Duck To Water - Empowering Diverse And Creative Thinking For London's Future Success


London stands out as a global hub of creativity, attracting creative minds from around the globe and spanning diverse industries such as arts, culture, fashion, design, technology, finance and business. The city has a rich history, marked by a relentless commitment to innovation and artistic expression. London is leading in many areas in the use of generative AI, however, to leverage its greater use we need human-centricity and creative design-led thinking.

Emphasising the pivotal role of creativity, the World Economic Forum's 'Future Jobs Report of 2023' positions Creative Thinking as the second most crucial skill for workers. In the face of mounting challenges, the City of London is called upon to leverage its abundant creativity to tackle the complex issues shaping both business and society. While process and analytical thinking remain indispensable, the time is ripe for embracing Design Thinking and adopting a holistic problem-solving approach. By harnessing the collective ingenuity of its diverse people and fostering a culture of creativity, we can navigate complexity with innovation and resilience into the future.


With nearly 25 years of experience in the creative industry, Shaun Jones has worked for some of London’s leading agencies, where he's played a pivotal role in driving design, innovation, and creativity for numerous global brands. Beyond his career in the creative sector, Shaun co-founded a product aimed at inspiring children to explore their creative potential while embracing sustainability. More recently, Shaun has redirected his focus towards supporting organisations in fostering transformative change through creative and collaborative human-centered strategies. As a facilitator, Shaun guides teams in navigating their most pressing challenges through creative engagement, resulting in tangible outcomes and innovative solutions. Whether enabling behavioural change, building innovative solutions, or unlocking potential, Shaun specialises in driving meaningful change. With a passion for the power of creativity and innovative design-led techniques, Shaun is also an experienced facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, bringing a unique approach to problem-solving.

In addition to his creative consultancy, he is a Board advisor at Empathy Week, an educational platform dedicated to nurturing empathy skills in young people and creating positive change in society. He also lends his expertise as an Advisor at Courageous Leaders, an annual event focused on inspiring leaders to lead with purpose, authenticity, and courage, ultimately driving a positive impact in their community through their personal leadership.