Sustainability, Circular Ecology And Circular Economy: Treasuring The Planet’s Resources For The Future


Humankind now faces its most significant challenge.  Since the start of the industrial revolution humankind has exponentially unbalanced our home on all fronts.  Population has risen significantly, the circularity of all key ecological systems that support life are now out of balance.

Society needs to be informed of the facts and encouraged to change their behaviours towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.  Our politicians and leaders need to understand the urgency of the situation and be informed of sound facts on what needs to be changed.  

The presentation will highlight:

  1. How we got to today, the damage we are doing to our ecology, what needs to be done,and
  2. Areas where you can contribute to saving the natural world in your private and working lives, and
  3. The challenges facing politicians and corporates.

Allan will share some of his experiences gained at Arup, also the impact of mankind on the natural world, that he saw on a recent visit to Antarctic.  


Allan’s career has led him towards being passionate about this wonderful planet we live upon. His current efforts include raising awareness of the issues society faces, highlighting what needs to be done and encouraging individuals and organisation to make the changes required to live in harmony with nature.

For the past 17 years he has worked for Arup, a global engineering consultancy, as their Global Business Leader for Resources and Waste.

Prior to this he worked for 18 years at Shanks, which at the time, was one of the leading Waste Management Contractors. He held various positions concluding with being Managing Director of Shanks East London, a company building and running a large a waste PFI business.

He has worked at Director level for the past 28 years and has considerable experience of the global resource and waste sector, and the technologies and processes employed to handle and treat all categories of waste.

Allan now has a portfolio of activities in addition to Arup, these include being a member of the I Mech E process industries Board leading their working group on Sustainable Resources, and a Court Assistant of the Company of Water Conservators, who focus on promoting a diverse and sustainable environment.