Generations: Does When You’re Born Shape Who You Are?


Generational thinking is a really big idea that’s been horribly corrupted by endless stereotypes, cliches and myths. This is a real shame, because a better understanding of what’s truly different between generations is a key way to understand the future for our own workforces, clients and society in general.

In this session, Professor Bobby Duffy will separate the myths from realities, and give participants a simple framework to understand the type of change we’re seeing. This is vital for leaders in how they engage with their own changing workforce, how they understand changing demand in their market, and how they themselves have been shaped by when they were born.


Professor Bobby Duffy is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute. He has worked across most public policy areas in his career of 30 years in policy research and evaluation, including being seconded to the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit. Bobby sits on several advisory boards including Chairing both the Campaign for Social Science and the CLOSER Advisory Board. His first book, The Perils of Perception – Why we’re wrong about nearly everything draws on a set of global studies on how people misperceive key social realities. His latest book, Generations - Does when you’re born shape who you are?, came out in September 2021 and challenges myths and stereotypes around generational trends, seeking a greater understanding around generational challenges.