Knowledge Mile: The Lord Mayor's Lectures

Subject to election, as Senior Alderman Below The Chair (SABTAC), Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli will be Lord Mayor of the City of London from 10 November 2023 till 10 November 2024. Michael’s working theme is the ‘Knowledge Mile’: To celebrate the global knowledge connections that will solve our world’s problems. London is the world’s coffeehouse where people bring their dreams to get them realised. Over 40 learned societies, 70 universities, and 130 research institutes surround the City. Our workforce is as much ‘science & tech’ as ‘finance’.

‘The Knowledge Mile’ draws on the world’s most productive concentration of knowledge networks. But why do dreams matter? Because they lead to solutions for our problems, most notably the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Naturally, realising dreams involves everything from the creative and technical start to the support of professional and financial services. The Knowledge Mile will follow and build on Vincent Keaveny’s “People & Purpose” as well as Nick Lyon’s “Financing Our Future”.

  • On Commerce, Knowledge Mile reinforces our knowledge networks, strengthening ties with leading research, science, technology, and deep infrastructure developments internationally.
  • On Community, Knowledge Mile integrates many networks from science communities to banking, insurance, investment management, computing, the Commonwealth, Chambers of Commerce, and the livery, in common purpose, alongside government departments and initiatives directed at advancing knowledge, solving problems, and increasing trade in goods, services, and ideas.
  • On Charity, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s and Mansion House’s voluntary and NGO machinery promotes the inclusive, healthy, skilled, and fair City we all seek, with a strong focus on education and mental health.

The Mansion House Lectures series of online webinars for the 2023/2024 mayoral year, will support of the theme of the Knowledge Mile. The lectures will offer a range of technology-focused topics which will be of particular interest to City companies and City workers. A unique element will be the bringing together of the livery companies, the learned societies and research institutes to be found in London and more specialised university centres, with the aim of underlining the importance of London as an intellectual centre.